Happy Easter Everyone and Update on my Sickness

Today was such an awesome and inspiring day. IT’S EASTER!

Even though it comes every year, each time I stand amazed at how wonderful this day is. Today I got to see six people from my church get baptized.  PRAISE THE LORD. While sitting there listening to their testimonies, I’m once again reminded at how awesome God is and the amazing works he does in each of our lives.

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Dear God, thankyou for blessing me with a job. Even though sometimes it’s so tiring (especially working day shift on Daylight Saving’s!) I realized how fortunate I am to be working where there are many people out there wishing they are employed. I want to keep on working hard so then I can help out with my family and paying off taxes and bills. I also thankyou for my family and loved ones that are always there by my side no matter what, always loving me for who I am.

Daily Thankful Prayer

Dear God, thank…