Welcome to Work Life

Another busy few weeks!  Its sad how once you finish school, the rest of your time will be spent working. Although I like the fact that I’m working and earning money, I realized how much I miss school as well. I miss those days when I can go home and just do homework or procrastinate. I miss those days where I can join clubs and hang out with friends. I especially miss summer vacation.

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Fairy tale

The stars are out tonight
And as I stare at the moon
My thoughts linger to you

How can our love story
Be just like a fairy tale
So beautiful yet feels so unreal too?

Born from two different worlds
Going two different paths
Two parallel lines somehow met

Its not how its suppose to be
We are two different people
It will never work out

How many years has it been?
Through every thick and thin
Our love for each other endured

What everyone thought wouldn’t work
We tried and persevered through it all
Is this the power of love?

Yet every fairy tale has it’s twists
There will be ups and
there will always be downs

While we have many similarities
We also are very different,
Sometimes I feel so lonely

Our different opinions
Our different attitudes
Can we ever work it out?

I cant help but think
Am I just that girl who just
Doesn’t understand you?

Or am I the one destined to be the one
To love you and to hold you
To walk with you through life

The many fights we have
The many cuddles we shared
What a fairy tale we have here


The stars are out tonight
And as I stare out at the moon
I wonder, how will our  fairy tale enfold?


My pastor asked us to text him what our Mothers mean to us. This is what I said: “My mom is the nurse of the family. She will stay up praying and taking care of me while I lay sick on the bed. My mom will love me unconditionally no matter what. She cries when I cry. She laughs when I laugh. She is God’s angel in my family.” I actually wanted to write more, but I guess I’ll save them for my wedding day :P

A Tribute for Mother’s Day – I Love You Mom

My pastor asked…