Working Two Jobs

Time goes by way too fast nowadays, mostly because I’m working two jobs now!  I’m still under orientation in the new job (casual) and working a 0.75 fte at the other place.  At the moment, the two places are working out and not conflicting with each other, but that means I’m working almost 24/7 every week.  On those rare day offs, I’m really enjoying that time with family and friends.

Hopefully I’ll eventually have enough to help pay off my student loans.

Why Can’t I Just Say No?!

Work is becoming increasingly difficult.  After a long and tough battle against the respiratory outbreak back in December, now another battle is up again.  This time however, is management.

I cannot say too much in a public domain, maybe I’ll  rant it all out in a more private post with password, its just that I am really really stressed so bad right now….

but in short…

I lost my part time line that I like, and now feel forced to take on another line that I don’t like. But because if I don’t take it, I’m going to mess up the entire nurses rotation and everyone is going to get pissed.  Plus.. I’ll be bumped down back to casual….



Happy 2015

Happy New Year!

Boy am I ready to start a new year, fresh and new. It’s been so long since I last wrote an entry.  Sometimes I wonder if this is what it feels like to be an adult when you’re done school.   No time on your hands; just eat, sleep and work.   Honestly 2014 was another year of ups and downs; of accomplishments and failures; of happiness and sadness.

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Welcome to Work Life

Another busy few weeks!  Its sad how once you finish school, the rest of your time will be spent working. Although I like the fact that I’m working and earning money, I realized how much I miss school as well. I miss those days when I can go home and just do homework or procrastinate. I miss those days where I can join clubs and hang out with friends. I especially miss summer vacation.

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